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Prof. Karen Avraham moderates webinar on "The Road to Preventing Parkinson's Disease" Link

Tel Aviv University ranked top 10 by Startup Genome

One of our lab images now part of the new EMBO YouTube channel design!  LINK

Moore Lev awarded a scholarship from the Prajs-Drimmer Institute for the Development of Anti-Degenerative Drugs

Prof. Karen Avraham is on Advisory Board of the CureGRIN Foundation


List of deafness genes & variants from our lab on the Ministry of Health website LINK

Our research is featured on the cover of EMBO Molecular Medicine! Link

Our paper on website accessibility has been viewed > 1,363,000 times!

Former MD-PhD student Prof. Ronna Hertzano awarded RESEARCHER OF THE YEAR at the University of Maryland!

Daniela Shapiro receives Dean’s Award for Social Activity

Our paper on GRIN2D iPS cells is out - with Gad Vatine & Moran Rubinstein! 


Our paper led by Ryan Carlson on NOG is out in Otology & Neurotology!  LINK
Our collaboration with Sprinzak in the news!
Karen presented a webinar on advances in gene therapy - Rutgers & TAU April 6, 2021
Claire Elsousou received Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence
Danielle Galber admitted as a PhD student to the Sagol School of Neuroscience
Our paper on a silent MYO15A variant is accepted to EJHG!

Karen interview on the radio! link

Our US-Israel Binational Science Foundation Grant with Jeffrey Holt
and Gwen Geleoc is funded Oct 1!

Mor’s paper on cochlear microRNAs is out!

Tal’s paper on inner ear lncRNAs is out!

Our paper "Spectrum of genes for inherited hearing loss in the Israeli Jewish population, including the novel human deafness gene ATOH1” is out in Clinical Genetics!

Amiel Dror & Shahar Taiber’s paper on " mouse model for benign paroxysmal positional vertigo with genetic predisposition for displaced otoconia" is accepted to Genes Brain and Behavior 

Congratulations Mor Bordeynik-Cohen, MD-PhD student, for winning the Yitzhak Navon Scholarship of the Ministry of Science and Technology

Our research featured on ISRAEL21c

We received the 2019 Capita Foundation Auditory Research (CFAR) grant award!


Karen presents Prof. Jeffrey Holt with the FPA Scientific Grand Prize! 



 The inauguration of the TAU Aufzien Family Center for the Treatment and Prevention of Parkinson’s Disease 

Congratulations to Shahar Taiber for winning a poster prize at the 2nd International Symposium on Inner Ear Therapeutics in Hannover, Germany and giving a lecture! 

Our review on “Genetic therapies for hearing loss: Accomplishments and remaining challenges” was accepted to Neuroscience Letters

Congratulations to Shahar for getting the top scores on his poster at the Broad-ISF Symposium! And as a result, giving a short presentation. 

4/87 posters!

Our paper on "Shear forces drive precise patterning of hair cells in the mammalian inner ear" is on bioRXiv!

Yizhar-Barnea, Valensisi et al paper “DNA methylation dynamics during embryonic development and postnatal maturation of the mouse auditory sensory epithelium” is out

Congratulations to Karen Avraham for the Beutler Research Program of Excellence in Genomic Medicine Award

Yizhar-Barnea, Valensisi et al paper “DNA methylation dynamics during embryonic development and postnatal maturation of the mouse auditory sensory epithelium” is out

Shahar Taiber has been invited to attend the XIN Innovation Forum event in Beijing in October 2018!

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